Wild blueberry Wowder

Ever been to a new grocery store? One totally foreign to you?
And no matter how hard you look, you cannot find what you want? … Even when you ask for help, you get sent on a merry goose chase?

This is the genesis of Wowder. In a life long ago (seemed like it anyway), I used to travel a lot for work. After a while, restaurants all tended to taste the same. So, armed with my merry crock pot and blender, I began creating my own nourishment.

Now, I was an organic wild blueberry farmer who was having to buy wild blueberries that were not organic and, well, that really irked me. I mean it really, really irked me! So, I had to do something about It.

What did I do? You guessed it, I Googled. I Googled wild blueberry powder and even ordered some. Ella and I tested the powders we ordered. Yup, we had lots of smoothies. We tried to find the powder that was just right.

But some were too crunchy, some were too chunky, some had no taste and some, no smell. And one was just DOWNRIGHT DISGUSTING.

We thought that we could do better … a lot better, and we were pretty sure we could ALSO be chemical free.

Enter “Mad Scientist” time. After two weeks of failure … LOTS of failure, one day by accident (a lucky accident), we figured it out… and Wowder was born.

Now it's Wowder’s turn to Travel!