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This fine, purple, organic, blueberry powder is an excellent, healthy, anti-oxidant addition to:

– smoothies, yogurt and ice cream;

– sprinkled on cereal/oatmeal;

– added to pancake batter;

– Naturally flavor and/or color cakes, cupcakes and icing.

THE possibilities are endless…and healthy.

Organically grown in Prince Edward Island, Canada on our family-run farm “Ella’s Forest”
Each 250g bag contains over 4000 organic wild blueberries.
A DELICIOUS and HEALTHY addition for smoothies and recipes…..Great for Heavy Metal Detox diets.
Up the antioxidants in your smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal and baked goods with deep purple color and polyphenols.
Not processed with any other ingredients (no added sugars, oils, pesticides, preservatives, extracts, or flavorings).
No fillers, contains 100% wild organic blueberries.
Hand-picked on our small, organic, family farm in Prince Edward Island, we have given you all of the proven health benefits that come from whole wild blueberries, but with the added advantages of great shelf life and portability. Take our organic, wild blueberry powder anywhere you want to go without worrying about spoilage, keeping blueberries frozen or having bags split or break open. Use it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Our berries are grown organically so you know you are getting the purest, most powerful antioxidant-filled blueberry product on the market!

The berries, grown on naturally occurring low bush blueberry plants, are only found in certain areas in North America. The low bush berries we pick contain a variety of blueberries that vary in color from blue to deep purple. These low bush berries are full of anthocyanins, containing 4 times the anthocyanin levels as cultivated blueberries.

Our berries are dehydrated at low temperature, protecting the berries in a way that preserves both the flavour and the nutritional goodness of the whole berry. Our powder-making process creates the smoothest, finest texture powder that you will find in wild blueberry powders, with a deep purple colour, reflective of the real berries themselves.

Our versatile powder can be used in smoothies, on ice cream or in yogurt, in cheesecakes and different deserts, over breakfast cereal, in protein drinks or wherever your imagination takes you.

Even a beloved pet can benefit from the power of our organic wild blueberries. Pour a bit of the powder on your dog’s food. They love it!

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