Wowder can be used in many creative ways. As a healthy sugar alternative on oatmeal, porridge, overnight oats, ice cream. Just sprinkle it on. Also great in smoothies.

Yes, very soon. Our original goal was to share our Wowder and Tea with the whole world. We are presently exploring the most economical way to ship worldwide.

Yes, of course, we sell fresh and frozen. But just locally. Fresh and Frozen berries have shipping limitations, and we want to provide the very best for our customers

No Caffeine, just the perfect blend of organic wild blueberries and dried wild blueberry leaves.

The answer to this is straightforward. Mother Nature told us to do our part

Yes, love. Grown and processed with lots of love

Yes. One of the favorite drinks on this farm is iced wild blueberry tea made with a dollop of honey from our bees

Yes, the Turning Point (Montague), Quannessence (Summerside), and Farmacy and Fermentary (Charlottetown) All locally owned, fantastic stores.

We thought long and hard about a 100g package, but we decided we want the customer to maximize their shipping dollars. We also felt the customer should feel fulfilled with their purchase, open the package, and feel they got what they paid for.

A flat rate of $10 and free shipping over $100 in Canada