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Ella's Forest Organics

Our story begins 14 years ago when we purchased 34 acres of woodland in Fort Augustus, PEI. As we began to wander through the property we began to notice the abundance of wild blueberry plants in areas that were previously cleared of trees. And this began the passion we named Ella’s Forest!

It was the beginning of years of manual labor, studying, experimenting, YouTubing, Googling, and perhaps a bit of trail blazing. But we knew we could do this our way. We knew organic wild blueberry farming was our calling!


Only $10 in Canada

Certified Organic

100% Guarantee


Massive nutrients

Made in Canada

On a farm in PEI


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Customers Reviews

tea is awesome (hot or iced). Blueberries are delicious (fresh or frozen)....honey is also yummy local PEI blueberries with no chemicals whatsoever.. what could be better?
I purchased 2 bags of Wowder from Ella's Forest recently and absolutely love it! I add it to plain yogurt, smoothies, and oatmeal, but I know people who use it for baking. Blueberries are extremely healthy, and this powder contains only organic wild blueberries. The company is a hard-working, caring family farm.

Eva Blaskovic

This is Great for Smoothies and overnight oats and many other things. nothing but Blueberries!!!

Mother Nature's Plan: Saga of Mik and Min

With the world’s food supply controlled by greedy, evil corporations, the Earth is dying and needs help.

Mother Nature and Father Time knew this day would come and have devised a plan. Long ago, they sent twelve families of magical creatures-two elven changelings, two skyroamers, and several gnomes-to different forests around the globe, with a chest and a codex. To help save Earth and humanity, the leader of each family is to unlock their chest using the codex on a special date.

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