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Mother Nature's Plan

With the world’s food supply controlled by greedy, evil corporations, the Earth is dying and needs help.

Mother Nature and Father Time knew this day would come and have devised a plan. Long ago, they sent twelve families of magical creatures-two elven changelings, two skyroamers, and several gnomes-to different forests around the globe, with a chest and a codex. To help save Earth and humanity, the leader of each family is to unlock their chest using the codex on a special date.

Though most of the families hide their chest and codex to protect them when they arrive at their new homes, one family doesn’t. Wanting humans gone and elves and gnomes to rule Earth, the sly gnome Napoleon opens his chest right away and tricks his family to help him persuade big corporations to take land away from small farmers and poison the Earth with chemicals.

With big corporate farms affecting their homes, the other magical families are having difficulty retrieving their chests and codices. Gnomes Mik and Min were in charge of hiding their family’s codex, but when the day to open their chest is only weeks away, they can’t seem to find it either! Will the families find their chests and codices in time or will they be too late?

The first book in the Saga of Mik and Min series, Mother Nature’s Plan is an enchanting and adventurous tale about the importance of working together to save and care for our one-and-only Earth.

Our family is the uncle who lets us borrow his welder and the friend who lets us have loan of Little Orange. The community is our family and Ella’s Forest is proud and honoured to be a part of it. Thank you Fort Augustus!

Mother Nature's Plan: Saga of Mik and Min