Our customers are our family – Cheryl

Wild blueberry field

1- Tell us about Cheryl . Where do you live, occupation, family etc ?

I am living in Stirling Ontario in the countryside, We moved here 6 years ago from Oshawa Ontario.. I am retired with my husband of 36 years. We have two grown children and two grandsons .My daughter is expecting her first child I one week and it’s a girl!! 🥰

2- Everyone has a health journey. My ongoing health journey is to lose a few pounds. That’s right, I am a chubby wild blueberry farmer. Tell us about your health journey.

Myy health journey started 4 years. I went fully raw and a vegan and I absolutely love my diet. My body feels complete and I am very grateful for my health. My husband has M.S. since 200. He’s doing well with lots of changes in his diet as well. He still is a meat eater but modified to a point he follows along with me!! As much as possible!!

3- Small family farms were once the backbone of civilization, but now, they are disappearing at an astonishing rate. How do you support family farms ?

I absolutely 💯 percent support my farmers. We buy locally at our farmers markets every week. Fresh vegetables and all my greens including my micro greens.

4- Ella’s Forest specializes in organic wild blueberries, which we sell fresh, frozen and of course in powder form ( Wowder). What is your favorite way to eat wild blueberries?

My favorite way to eat wild blueberries is any way I can as it’s a staple in my diet. Smoothie,mixed fruit etc

5- My favorite way to use Wowder is in a cheesecake. (hence chubby farmer) What is your favorite way to use organic wild blueberry powder?

I have also made a lovely blueberry cheesecake for the family. It is so delicious. I use mine in so many ways. I add it to my juices which I juice daily. Smoothies, sprinkle on my fresh fruits

6-Even though we firmly believe the future of farming may be a blend of organic and conventional practices, we still make a great effort to produce a certified organic product. Are organically grown products important to your diet ?

Yes. I definitely would have to say yes to my organically grown produce whenever possible.

7-Medical Medium touts wild blueberries as having the highest portion of antioxidants on the planet. Do you believe they are a nutritional powerhouse?

I love Medical Medium. Yes absolutely they are one of the highest antioxidants on the planet. I totally agree!!

8- Due to our disdain for large corporations, we are considering delisting our products from Amazon and moving our tea and powder into a subscription format from our website. What do you think of this idea and would you use it ?

I not sure on this question but possibly I would if i got more information on it and price wise yes!

9- Our first book Mother Nature’s Plan was recently released. Have you read it ?

Your book is wonderfuly printed. I enjoyed it very much!! Yes I did read it Thank you!!

Mother Nature's Plan: Saga of Mik and Min

10- Thank you for answering the above questions. Please share with us your favorite Wowder smoothie recipe and pictures if you can.

My favorite Wowder smoothie recipe has to be my strawberry mango banana and 2 spoonfuls of the blueberry powder!! Yum so good I sorry I don’t have a picture to share but trust me I make all the time!!

Thank you for asking me to participate in your questions .

I enjoyed answering them

Take care!!
Cheryl 🫐🫐🫐🫐

Organic wild blueberry shake recipe