April Fooling Around with Ella’s Forest

Wild blueberry ellas forest

April Fool's

Wow! I googled the origin of April Fool’s Day, and it seems Wikipedia is all over the map on this one.

So, I am not going to joke around and just get right to it.  March was a busy month and we got a lot done.
Here are a few of our projects:

  1. Our friend Wanda is now distributing our products in Newfoundland. In fact, the picture above is her latest order. We are actively pursuing relationships in other provinces and states. Are you interested? You can find Wanda on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/wanda.george.90
  2. Bow Wowder.Nutritional Labels are now complete and Debbie is finalizing the label design. Our puppies are on the label (sneak a peek below). 
  3. Sorry, no Purple Easter Bunny this year; maybe next. However, there is a Wild Blueberry Candlecoming soon! 
  4. Baby Wowder(80g) and Little Wowder (120g) labels are soon to be printed. These will be on our website in a few weeks. 
  5. Wild Blueberry Green Teaand Wild Blueberry Black Tea labels are now printed (Thanks Access Labels – the largest label printing company in Atlantic Canada). Tea is now on its way to Amazon Canada and also available on our website.  Bundle all three for a discount. 
  6. Free Tea for a year?  Yes, the winner has been contacted and all will be announced on Social Media soon. There were some very amazing entries and it was a very hard contest to judge. In the end, I left the choice to Ella. Thank you all for the entries. All entries will be shown on our website blog.
  7. Our Tea and Powder are now available in Europe.  APRIL FOOLS!!!  Still working on that one.