Why Organic?

Organichi wild blueberry

Why Organic?
I wrote this after spending a Saturday with Ella bagging Wowder. (Yes, that is her photo on the bag). As I reflect on the day, I am reminded of why we set out to farm organically in the first place.  Four simple letters that make me smile E-L-L-A. Our little farm’s namesake and future CEO. (Will settle for happy little wild blueberry farmer).
As a parent, you always want the best for your child, and maybe the very best is growing up on an organic farm, learning how to treat the land with respect, and learning how to farm without chemicals.
I sure hope it is. I am not a perfect farmer or parent for that matter, but I try and hope, really hope that is good enough.

So when I am asked, “Why Organic?” I hand the poser of the question a bag of Wowder and this Dad proudly says, “This is the reason!”